Q – How can I help?
A – The Texas PUC needs to hear from ratepayers. Send them a letter, or fill out one of our online forms and we can send it for you.

Q – Does my voice really make a difference?
A – Yes. Currently (12/28/2015) El Paso Electric has filed 223 documents in the rate case, yet only 15 protest letters have been filed – whose voice are they hearing the most of?

Q – Can I send them an email?
A – The PUC will only accept snail mail. (Dear PUC – what century are we living in?)

Q – Where will my letter go?
A – To the PUC office in Austin where it will be filed and entered into the official records of rate case hearing 44941.

Q – Is it better if I send a letter or if I use this website?
A – It would be much better if you wrote your own letter and mailed it yourself.  But human nature is human nature and this website is designed to make it easier for you. That being said, a letter from you with a wet ink signature will have more impact than a letter sent from this website, so your extra effort will be very appreciated.

Q – OK, I’ll send my own. Where do I mail it to?
A – Full details are on this page. There are a couple of very important procedural rules that must be followed, we spell them out clearly for your convenience.

Q – There are four different letters available on this site, what if more than one applies to me?
A – Then please copy and paste the best parts of different letters to create a better letter.

Q – Can I send more than one letter?
A – You can, but it’s not necessary and two letters from one person won’t have the near the same impact as two letters from two people.  So instead of sending two letters, convince a friend to send a letter.

Q – Who is behind El Paso Clean Energy?
A – I’m one guy, Jim Schwarzbach, who has a fascination with electric cars and solar power and I don’t want the nascent solar industry in El Paso kneecapped by our utility company. I put this website together because nobody has tried to create a concerted effort to have the PUC offices flooded with letters from the general public.

Q – Who is paying for printing and postage?
A – I am.  If more than a hundred or so people fill out one of the online forms on this website, I will ask some solar loving Facebook buddies for help with buying stamps.

Q – I’ve got another question.  How can I get it answered?
A – Drop an email to Jim@ElPasoCleanEnergy.com and you should get a reply in a day or so. And you might just see your question on this page next time you visit.