In Support of Our Economy

IMPORTANT – please read the following four short paragraphs before submitting your letter:

1 – The letter below is a form letter.  We encourage you to edit it, personalize it, change it up to reflect your individuality and personality. If you do that before hitting the submit button, your letter will have ten times as much impact.  Please read it, then use your mouse and keyboard to make it a more powerful letter from you instead of a form letter from us.

2 – If nothing else, please change the first sentence to avoid the “I’ve already seen this” syndrome.  We want the commissioners to read our letters, not skim over and possibly ignore them.

3 – Remember, one unique letter is more powerful than ten identical letters. (But don’t remove the case number, your letter could be discarded when it gets to Austin.)

4 – Please change the last three lines, replacing them with your name, your address if you want, and your city/state/zip.



Since we are mailing this to the Texas Public Utility Commission, we will need to put your return address on the outside of the envelope.  Rest assured, we will not use your physical address for any other purpose, and we will only use your email address to automatically send you a one-time thank you email immediately after submission – if you want, your email address is not required to send the letter to the PUC.  There will be an optional opportunity after submission to receive one email when the final results of the PUC rate case are available.  We would really appreciate it if you did, we want to spread wonderful news as far and wide as possible.